Romance, the Duality Play, Acting Out, and Downloading Codes . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 August 2016

    • Romance and the Duality Play
    • Downloading and Installing Codes
    • On Men ‘Acting Out’ During the Awakening
    • Women: On Keeping Yourself and Your Children Safe During the Awakening
    • Codes and Couple Relationships
    • Men: On Camaraderie and Other Assistance During the Awakening

Dear Ones,

This video is about romance, the duality play, and acting out during the Awakening. There is a Summary beneath the video.


Text in blue font (below) is not in the video.

Romance and the Duality Play

  • Romance, in the arenas of duality (the physical and astral realms), is the sticking together of two people’s Soul wounding
  • The Divine plan to heal Soul wounding through human romance
  • The human tendency is to increase Soul wounding through repeated romance ‘mistakes’
  • Soul wounding as crinkling of etheric net
  • Keys and keyholes in our etheric net, pluses and minuses in our etheric net attracting to minuses and pluses in someone else’s
  • Sticking together of etheric nets and EMFs of Soulmates at Soul wounding points
  • Soul clearing results in smoothing of the human EMF and uncrinkling of our etheric nets; no more keys and keyholes

Downloading and Installing Codes

  • Gateways such as the August 2016 Lion’s Gate will download into the Soul field the codes for etheric net and human EMF healing
    • For upcoming gateway dates, see the Light Intel articles in Sandra Walter’s website,
  • Through timeline optimization we can get these codes installed in our etheric nets and EMFs sooner
    • To optimize, say, “Spirit to Team: Optimize Timelines, for the All through Free Will”
    • It’s very important to include all the words in this optimization. If you ‘mind slide’ over one of the words, or have a strong subconscious objection to the wording, that will be because of the Soul wounding you carry, that you are hoping to clear.
  • How one member of a couple, often the woman, may download the codes first
    • How this can result in couples temporarily separating, or even breaking up, during the Awakening
    • How the other member of the couple will get the downloads at the same time as the spouse, but may install them at a later date
    • After the human EMF clears, then there will be no difficulty getting along with other people who have also cleared

On Men ‘Acting Out’ During the Awakening

  • How men are having difficulty clearing repressed emotions during the Awakening
  • How, as the Awakening proceeds, the bursting open of bubbles of repressed emotions in men’s Lower Mental Bodies can lead to acting out of encapsulated feelings of rage, desire to rape, and so on. This is because men have more drive to aggression than do women, because of differences in hormonal makeup.
  • Acting out creates trouble in our relationships, and trouble with societal expectations and law enforcement as well; thus I advice, steer clear of this tendency. It takes a very wise man, a very neutral mind, to avoid that behavior during the Shift.
  • Imagine your great Soul field, as big as an airport of light. Examine those behaviors from that perspective.

Women: On Keeping Yourself and Your Children Safe During the Awakening

Women: If you’re in relationship during this time of the Awakening, it’s very important to understand that you men may not be acting as they usually do.

  • Your husband or boyfriend may undertake behaviors that are unthinkable to you, and that have never happened before in your relationship.
  • You have to be ready. Ready to protect your own life, and your children’s lives.
  • You have to have that fail safe plan in place.
  • Find a safe place, either in your home or elsewhere, where you can be, without EMF entanglement with other human beings, as they sort this situation out.
  • Know that it’s going to be all right.
  • Develop that neutral mind and that ready stance that the martial artist has. You’re going to need it.
  • If your husband’s behavior becomes inexplicable to you, still send them your love, but distance yourself from them physically, so that you and your children can be safe.
  • Keep in mind that those of us who incarnated as women in this lifetime no doubt incarnated as men in a recent past lifetime.

Codes and Couple Relationships

  • More on codes: If both members of a couple have optimized their timelines, and then they enter a star gate, such as the current Lion’s Gate, both will get the codes. Depending on each person’s optimum timeline, one may install the codes right now, and the other in the future. But because they’ve both optimized their timelines, they will accrue no further Soul wounding during the wait for the second person’s installation date.
  • If only one member of a couple optimizes his or her timelines, then that person will be able to install downloads at the propitious moment. However, since their significant other has not optimized, then the likelihood is that, if they stay together, they will get more and more Soul wounding as a result of EMF field jangle or discord or as the Light continues to come in.
  • For those who choose to optimize their timelines: Keep in mind that very tiny, fine-tuning adjustments in our Awareness timeline will be taking place moment to moment, as a result of the initial optimization event.
  • At times when there is not too much discord in the relationship, or sometimes when they are asleep, or if they pray for them and request them, then they will get the codes installed, and their relationship will be come more harmonious

Men: On Camaraderie and Other Assistance During the Awakening

  • For men who have cleared and installed the first updates (which are quite large, generally) in their EMFs, my suggestion is to seek out other men who have done so, for the sake of camaraderie, and also for tips on distancing yourselves and your families from those men who have not yet received their first downloads
  • Stories about a young adult, a 30’s man, and another man who have received their first downloads and are right there with the intuition and the New Light
  • Healing modalities for men for quickly getting through the changeup:
    • Behavioral therapy, or perhaps humanistic therapy, or integrative / holistic therapy (1)
    • Meditation on body sense: Stay with uncomfortable physical sensation, and allow it to resolve

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Different Approaches to Psychotherapy,” American Psychological Association,

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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