Law Enforcement and Prostitution … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

I’d like to propose a hypothetical scenario in which law enforcement arrests prostitutes, both male and female, and then ‘settles them down’ for a stay in jail through having sex with them. This being a proposed way to prevent them from causing trouble in lock up.

What would be the outcome of such a hypothetical scenario?

As prostitution is an occupation that is illegal, prostitutes, both male and female, would likely be arrested over and over again, as they nightly solicit. This would result in law enforcement having sex with them over and over again.

The human mind is divided into two parts, the “Lower Mental Body” and the “Higher Mental Body.” (See my blog categories by these names.) When we have intercourse, astral bonding takes place between our Lower Mental Body and that of the person or persons we have sex with. The more we have sex with the same person, or the more exuberant the experience, the stronger the astral bond.

As the human mind is, during the Awakening, still in the process of becoming unified into Cosmic or Universal Mind, the Lower Mental Body (also known as the Unconscious Mind) still acts … well … unconsciously, involuntarily. On its own.

When the Lower Mental Body is astrally bonded to another Lower Mental Body, decisions that might otherwise be in line with our higher judgment are, more likely than not, made with bias toward our sexual bonding.

And so, the outcome of corrective behavior that involves intercourse with prostitutes is an unwitting bond with, and bias toward, the prostitute population of correctional facilities. This can play, unintentionally, out in ways averse to law enforcement’s mandate to protect the community against criminals and preserve the peace.

In long-term correctional institutions, intercourse by law enforcement with inmates, whether they are prostitutes or otherly, results in the same sort of unintentional compromise of law enforcement’s rational decision-making process.

For this reason, I suggest that law enforcement consider arm’s length in dealing with those in correctional facilities.

With regard to prostitution, I suggest jailing the trade together with their johns, in the same cell and for the same duration. This might be a useful alternative means of maintaining a peaceful inmate population.

Alternatively, prostitution, which is a victimless crime, might be legalized. Whom we choose to have sex with, it seems to me, is a Free Will issue, and a moral decision that might be left to people individually.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. Those who abide by the law all their lives tend to think that those who sometimes run sideways of the law ‘live in a world of their own’, a world apart from themselves. And in general, it seems to me that this is true. 

Contrariwise, were the above hypothetical scenario to be, in some instance, true, then there might be increased risk of HIV among the families of those involved, even families who are very upstanding and law-abiding.

There is increased risk of contracting HIV whenever people come in contact with those who have HIV. Since sex workers have increased incidence of HIV, then those who deal with sex workers, whether or not in a sexual context, would be subject to some degree of increased risk. This could easily be seen to apply to doctors, nurses, health workers in drug rehabilitation facilities, and law enforcement personnel. 

Apropos of these unlikely but potentially disconcerting possibilities: I’ve heard that HIV tests with very high accuracy, similar to that from tests at a doctor’s office, are now available for about $40 from drug store chains, so that is a very good thing, considering the present social stigma of the ‘hives’ label.


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