Ascension Abilities and the Changes Taking Place on Earth . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 13 July 2016

  • New and Old Clair Abilities
  • Further Enhancements to Our Clair Abilities
  • Clair Abilities Approximated by Electronic Devices and Nanotechnology
    • Cell Phones
    • Smart Phones and Internet
    • Chat Rooms
    • Television
    • Spy Cameras
    • Spy Microphones
    • Medical Bots
    • Drones
  • Clair Healing
    • DNA
    • Karmic Miasmic Distortions
    • EMF
    • Vortex Work
    • Co-Creation and Fractal Dissemination
  • Clair Temporospatial Abilities … ‘Playing with’ the Currently Manifesting Space-Time Continuum
    •  Timelines
      • Clair Rollback
    • Dimensions
  • Patanjali’s List of Clair Abilities in the Context of the Awakening
    • Knowledge of past lives
    • Observation of another person’s body, and inference into his mind
    • Power to become invisible
    • Power to become unhearable
    • On gaining knowledge about the cosmic spaces, the arrangement of stars, and the motions of the stars
    • On meditation-union with the heart, which gives one power over the mind
    • Supernatural powers of the senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, scent and taste
    • On walking on water and levitating
    • Mastery of the elements
    • Becoming unobstructed by the elements
    • Perfection of the body
    • Meditation-union with a single moment, and single-moment sequences
  • On Changes in Societal Needs Due to Ascension Abilities
    • Transportation
    • Housing, Food and Utilities
    • Life Expectancy and Medical Care
    • Procreation
    • Crime
    • Ecosystem, Health of Oceans, Climate, Weather, and Tectonic Plate Activity
  • About Clair Abilities, Disclosure, and Transformation of Finance, Economics, and World Government
  • The All: Ingroups, Outgroups, and the ‘Common’ Good
  • Footnote: Visceral Massage to Integrate the Lower Mental Body with the Higher Mental Body, and to Master the Involuntary Nervous System

Dear Ones,

I’\ have run across several very good lists of clair abilities, including the new abilities of the Awakening. Here is one such list:


“Messages from a Star Traveller: Ascension Abilities,”!ascension-premonitions/cyrz

To the above-referenced list, I’d like to add these new clair abilities:


  • Clair sensitivity to the EMF of oneself, of other people, of objects, and of the Solar System and Galaxies
  • Clair hearing on three personal levels: Lower Mental Body, Higher Mental Body, and  Supermind (as Sri Aurobindo termed it).
  • Clair hearing on a chakra-by-chakra level, including on the level of each of the Transpersonal Chakras.
  • Clair hearing and seeing with beings in the higher dimensions, such as ascended masters, our star brethren, or those of the angelic realm


Electronic devices and nanotechnology approximate, in a somewhat clumsy physical way, the clair abilities that are presently becoming universal among humankind. As each of us Awakens to these abilities, there is a certain amount of fear expressed by the cells … fear of change. The cells are very conservative little beings, and their upsets routinely present themselves to our Awakening awareness as astral stories with fearful emotional content.

As the new clair skills are a little like electronic devices, they can be mistakenly taken as something negative … unwanted intrusions on our privacy by other people, for instance. And so, it’s important to know that our new clair talents, and those of others, are part of God’s plan for the evolution of humankind into the New Human on New Earth. It’s important to have faith in ourselves, in God, and in all the new things that are unfolding on Earth in this precious and momentous time.

Here are some thoughts I have about congruences between the new clair abilities and the ‘near-ESP’ conferred by electronic devices and nanotechnology:

  • Cell Phones. Clair hearing and clair speaking are like cell phones. One must be careful, however, to converse with the Higher Mental Body of another person (this is telepathy with another person’s cerebral cortex, not the gut brain). Say: I’d like to speak with the True Self!
  • Smart Phones and Internet. Our ability to connect with the Star Libraries now is like using smart phones or computers to connect to the electronic Internet. Further, if we want to connect to the electronic Internet on Earth, and an Internet connection is not handy, we can clair ask someone who is online to check for us, and get the answer through Clair Speak.
  • Chat Rooms. As everyone on Earth is becoming clair, we are all now able to chat on the clair ‘Internet’ without needing to log into an online chat room.
  • Television. The new ability of co-creating reality through astral stories is like television. Anyone can be the producer. If there are enough active viewers, an astral story now manifests as semi-physical reality, through manipulation of the Plane of Forces.
  • Spy Cameras. One of the first of the new clair abilities often tried is that of stepping into someone else’s living room and observing what’s up … we now have ‘X-ray vision’, as did Superman. In future, this ability will also become useful for enhanced emergency medical services, I feel. As well, humankind will learn the art of restraining itself from idle curiosity (ahem!)
  • Spy Microphones. Most human beings can now eves drop on other folks’ conversations, just like that! Many are finding this an almighty inconvenience, but it is beginning to keep everything on the ‘up and up’. As time goes on, trust in the good will of the human community will build. That ‘con operation’ way of being will be eliminated, by common consensus. And further, as with the ‘Spy Camera’ category above,  humankind will learn the art of restraining itself from idle curiosity.
  • Medical Bots. Clair attunement with others’ subtle bodies, preparatory to clair healing. This is a little like using medical bots to monitor and heal physical disease, but the monitoring bots are our awareness, and the healing quality is Love.
  • Drones. As a corollary to the ability of teleportation: Clair telescoping … the ability to clairvoyantly telescope in on a distant location, while still remaining in body … like having a toy drone with a camera in it, that you can see moving over the Earth to the thought-of destination.


  • DNA. Ability to unfold or fold up the DNA from 2-strand to 12-strand
  • Karmic Miasmic Distortions. Clair healing of karmic miasmic distortions through languages of light and sound
  • EMF. Clair healing of the self or of others through clarification of the EMF field. Others may be physically close or healing may be ‘remote’
  • Vortex Work. Clair healing of people, land masses, and oceans through vortical release from the lower dimensions to the higher dimensions … that is to say, healing through vortical motion (see Thoth, “The Emerald Tablets”)
  • Co-Creation and Fractal Dissemination. Clair healing through co-creation on the astral plane, and fractal dispersal to other people’s energy fields, through their own free will choice to pattern after this new fractal


  • Timelines. Clair timeline optimization, merges, jumping, and looping (either to the future or to the past in a particular timeline)
    • Clair rollback, brief: the ability to rollback a timeline to re-hear other people’s clair speak that has just slipped by unnoticed. Say: Rollback! and feel the astral story roll back to a minute prior, then replay itself
  • Dimensions. Clair dimensional optimization, merges, downloads (from the higher dimensions), and uploads (to the higher dimensions, so as to clear lower dimensions)


In the way of old clair abilities that are surfacing among normal people now, we have those listed in the “Aphorisms of Patanjali.” These were previously thought of as ‘superpowers’ available only to Spiritual Adepts. See:

  • “Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms: Chapter III – Powers,” by Swami Vivekananda,
  • and for a different commentary on these superpowers, see Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood’s edition of this book … Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California ..

From this list, I’d like to emphasize these powers; note that I’ve added editorial comments in the context of the Awakening:

  • Knowledge of past lives (# 18 on Patanjali’s list) … technically, in the context of the Awakening, this is knowledge of lives concurrently playing out in the Eternal Now. This is the video library of the Multidimensional, Multitemporal Self (or ‘Atman’)
  • Observation of another person’s body, and inference into his mind (#19) … The samskaras, or Soul Wounding now being cleared by the Incoming Light, can be observed in a person’s physical or gross form, and in his astral form and etheric net, which are two of his subtle bodies. These reflect distortions in the Body of Light, which are easily resolved through the new clair abilities to heal through light and sound.
  • Power to become invisible (# 21) … The power suggested by Patanjali have to do with interference with another person’s physical vision. The new clair ability has to do with clarification of the body of light, and concentration on this energy field, which is so rare and refined that it passes through physical matter.
  • Power to becoming unhearable (#22) … The power suggested by Patanjali, like the preceding power, has to do with obstructing the sense organ perception of others. The new clair ability has to do with focusing one’s hearing on the Music of the Spheres. I believe Tom Kenyon expresses this in his Aethos sound meditation … see
  • On gaining knowledge about the cosmic spaces, the arrangement of stars, and the motions of the stars (#27, 28 and 29) … It seems to me that studying these would be useful in regaining knowledge of our internal star maps, gaining access to the star libraries, and aligning with the manifestation of God’s love truth and will through our Star brethren alliances
  • On meditation-union with the heart, which gives one power over the mind‘s contents (#35) … To clarify, one attains power over one’s own mind through meditation-union with one’s own heart. This is because the heart is the center of our personal electromagnetic-field, and the three minds (lower, higher, and supermind) are merely substations of our EMF. The heart is the Central Command post of the EMF, as it were.
  • Supernatural powers of the senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, scent and taste. (#37). Per # 38, these are obstacles to Awakening. Why is this? Because when we have supernatural sensory abilities, we have twice the trouble stilling the mind. Further, it’s a simple thing to impress other people with our supernatural sensory abilities, and it’s easy to fall into the net of caring what other people think of us, so attaining these powers can tighten our karmic knots and increase our EMF distortions. This causes a darkening, or mottling, of our Body of Light. We must daily and hourly undertake the chore of clearing this subtle body, under any circumstances, but especially so when our senses extend to the supernatural realms.
  • About walking on water (#40) and levitating (#43): I offer the same caveats as for “Supernatural powers of the senses,” above. Further, the demon realm offers these powers … without our having to do any yogic ‘push-ups’ … by fiddling with the Plane of Forces; in exchange, it will enslave our minds through a demonic contract, and this contract will remove from us the ability to light up our hearts, so that we can master our three minds. And so, if you want to walk on water or levitate, don’t ask the demon realm to ‘make it so’. Instead, align with God’s will and heart and mind, and allow the Awakening of your ascension skills to proceed in a natural, unforced manner.
  • Mastery of the elements (fire, air, water, earth, ether) (#46) has its drawbacks unless one is first aligned with God. For instance, making rain stop or start in a given location, merely for the sake of one’s convenience, can cause personal karmic entanglement, and tarnish the body of light (see above).
  • Becoming unobstructed by the elements: Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood have a great writeup on this …. q.v. (‘quod vide’, ‘which see’). It sounds like fun, and also useful in an Awakening context, and for healing others.
  • Perfection of the body. There is a great spiritual tradition, as with the Buddhist monks, regarding perfection of the physical body concomitant with realization and Awakening of Spirit. I like this one, as long as it’s undertaken in the context of providing a suitable home or house for Spirit. As they say in the Christian tradition, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit … thus, it certainly makes sense to keep it healthy, graceful, strong, and beautiful or handsome. In Ancient India, the science of yoga was an important means to this end, and remains so today. Of course, there are also the opportunities of Western physical education and ‘cross-training’, which allows improvement of the various muscle groups. Stretching the muscles, and overall balance in development of the body, are equally important to strength training of various muscle sets. Massage of the viscera, with attention to acupressure points, stills the unconscious mind and perfects the function of the involuntary nervous system. (1)
  • Meditation-union with a single moment, and single-moment sequences (#53): Intuitively, I feel this will help perfect knowledge of the Eternal Now and of our timeline skills.


  • Transportation. New powers of teleportation will obviate automobiles, trains, helicopters, and airplanes.
  • Housing, Food. and Utilities. As more people gain the ability to regulate their body temperature, obtain sustenance through Light, and co-create physical things such as houses, notions of property ownership and ‘paying one’s dues’ through wage slavery will obsolesce.
  • Life Expectancy and Medical Care. Life expectancy will be much greater, and we will be able to heal our bodies through the languages of light and sound, which are free to all.
  • Procreation. The Lower Mental Body, through which procreational desire and the urges of self-preservation and control of others are expressed, will be unified with the Higher Mental Body and the Supermind, creating in each of us what is known as Cosmic Mind or Universal Mind. The high procreation rate on Earth today has to do with the relegation of the Lower Mental Body to an unconscious state … what is termed the ‘involuntary’ nervous system in the medical texts. As we Awaken, there will no longer be an involuntary nervous system. As with the accomplished yogis of India, each human being on Earth will be able to consciously control the urge to have sex.
  • Crime. It follows from the above that the functions of the autonomic nervous system (the ANS) … which have to do with the ‘viscera’ … the heart, stomach and intestines … will be under conscious control. When we are able to regulate our heartbeat, then impulsive behaviors, and criminal tendencies as well, are easily curbed.
  • Ecosystem, Health of Oceans, Climate, Weather, and Tectonic Plate Activity. These will be easily transformed, moment to moment, through humankind’s coherent co-creative ability. This is within reach now, and can be achieved through simultaneous visualizations by such institutions as the Global Coherence Initiative,


The above two abilities, ‘Spy Camera’ and ‘Spy Microphones’, are quite clearly going to have a major impact on world government, economics, and finance, as there will be disclosure after disclosure (for more on disclosure, search the Net for this term). The result will be transparency and coherence in every human arena.


As more and more people ‘Log on’, the notion of in-groups will expand outward till it encompasses all humankind, and from there onward to every sentient being everywhere in the Universe. Consequently, there will no longer be Outgroups. All beings everywhere will be our Ingroup. And so, decision-making regarding the common good will include what might be termed the ‘uncommon good’.

In other words, those whose welfare we might never before have considered, in our decision-making process, will now be included. In this way the barriers of nationality, culture, race, religion, politics, gender, sexual preference, and so on, will be eliminated.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) “Abdominal (visceral) massage techniques,” Bodyology Massage School , … the first 16 minutes are explanation; massage technique begins after that:

  • Note: Abdominal massage with patient’s knees up relieves abdominal muscle tension.
  • Circling,
  • pulling strokes,
  • rocking the rectus abdominus muscle from side to side … Asking the patient to lift their head will define this muscle.
  • vibrational work (a gentle shaking motion here and there on the abdomen).
  • gentle acupressure, using the thumb on tender or tense points. {Not mentioned here are two points under the middle of the lowest left ribs, pressure on which can be beneficial.]
  • diaphragmatic release
  • lifting and pulling through
  • ending technique, starting at the navel point: one finger, two, three, four, and then the reverse

“Visceral Manipulation,” by BodySolutionsHC , ..

“Gentle Visceral Techniques,” by Trayl Aitken-Cade , ..


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