Acceptable Collateral Damage Mental Filter … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 June 2016

Dear Ones,

I’ve come across an astral story recently that is really ‘out there’. There’s been talk in recent years about the notion of acceptable collateral damage. Some feel that this notion, while regrettable, is a practical one.

This implied consent to the practicality of the notion has apparently led to the circulation of the ‘Acceptable Collateral Damage Mental Filter’ in the noosphere. I feel this mental filter is completely without merit or truth, and that it is being used by antisocial personalities (ASPs) … who are quite wily, when all is said and done … as cover for their serial killing and other crimes.

One sees posters from time to time about missing children. The famous case of the missing Dylan Redwine boy is one such instance: ..

There are many other cases of missing children all over the world, and even here in the United States. I expect that may contribute to the tenacity of this astral story in the noosphere. The story goes like this:

The notion of collateral damage is acceptable … regrettable, but practical in today’s world. So then, along the lines of practicality, the astral story continues like this: What is the proper hiring profile for the intelligence agencies of the world? Would not an antisocial personality, such as a serial killer, be perfect for this job? But then, what would be the retirement prerogatives of an intelligence agent who is an ASP?

Practically speaking … but regrettably so … this astral story then makes an assumption regarding acceptable collateral damage among the relatively powerless portions of a homeland population. For instance, the retired ASP operative might be assigned an acceptable kill rate per month among ‘the powerless’ citizens of a small town, such as:

  • children
  • single women
  • the elderly
  • people with alternate lifestyles
  • homeless men and women
  • underserved ethnicities

What a sci fi scenario that would be, wouldn’t it? How would the people of a country feel about having retired ASPs at work ‘in their own back yard’? In America, whose Declaration of Independence, the very cornerstone of our country, states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (1)

… this notion of acceptable collateral damage in one’s own backyard clearly wouldn’t fly. The average American citizen would ask:

  • How many ‘hits’ might an ASP operative be expected to make during his or her working life, serving their country?
  • How many ‘hits’ per year, among their home country population, might be considered acceptable collateral damage?
  • How many years might they expect to live after retirement?

The average American would multiply the ‘hits’ per retirement year by the life expectancy of the retired ASP operative, and compare the product to the number of hits during the operative’s working life.  I crunched these numbers below: See Footnote (2).

Then he would very likely conclude that the cost in the lives of those he loved … the threat of death to his children, his wife, his fellow co-workers and their families … far outweighed the service the ASP had provided to his country.

I feel this to be true: Americans would vote, hands down, against such an astral story taking up space in their personal reality. It’s quite clear that this mental filter is nothing but a ‘Hollywood movie’ that has wafted into everyone’s awareness on the astral plane.

This New Earth sparkles with love and light. We can change everything, in the wink of an eye! When these sorts of dense timeline scenarios waft into my awareness, I very quickly turn to timeline optimization:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

The minute I do so, all is new, and fresh, and full of love and light. I see before me the freedom to live my life, with all the liberties our great Constitution provides. To pursue my own happiness. To follow my heart, on a beautiful, sunny summer day, here in America, the Land of the Free.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “America the Beautiful,” by Silver1Sprg, 16 April 2009, ..


(1) from “United States Declaration of Independence,” … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ..

(2) The Conservative Estimate.10 years as an operative  =  possibly a maximum of 10 ‘hits’ while working. 40 years retirement, at 1 hypothetically approved homeland retirement ‘hit’ per month  =  (40 retirement years)  x  (12 months per year)  =  480 hypothetically approved homeland retirement ‘hits’.  480 – 10 = 470 freebie ‘hits’ in one ASP operative’s lifetime.

The Estimate If Things Get Out of Hand. With ASPs, things can get out of hand at times, depending primarily on substance abuse and the opportunistic synchrony resulting from keeping bad company. And so, ‘hits’ can ratchet up from 1 per month (which an ASP would consider the model of prudent self-restraint) to 1 per week (or more) (which an ASP would consider simply to be ‘bad timing’ from the standpoint of possible public scrutiny).

Crunching the numbers from the perspective of 1 ‘hit’ per week, it would be (40 retirement years)  x  (52 weeks per year)  =  2,080 homeland ‘hits’ during an ASP’s retirement.  2,080 – 10 would then = 2,070 freebie ‘hits’ in one ASP operative’s lifetime, from a pragmatic standpoint.

The True Loss in Homeland Citizens. An ASP is an ASP, all his or her life, and the ‘hit’ pattern contines throughout the ASPs life. One ought thus to calculate into such a hypothetical scenario out of hand ‘hits’ starting at, say, 9 years of age, and on through, say, 30 years of age, which would be a putative retirement date.

That would be (21 years preretirement)  x (12 months per year)  =  252 additional freebie homeland ‘hits’ in a conservative scenario.

Or, in an out-of-hand. weekly ‘hit’ scenario, (21 years pretirement) x (52 weeks per year)  = 1,092 preretirement hits.

Adding it all up:

  • Conservative scenario of one ‘hit’ per month: (252 preretirement ‘hits’) + (470 ‘hits’ during retirement) = 722 homeland lives lost during one ASP’s lifetime.
  • ‘Out of hand’ scenario of one ‘hit’ per week: (1,092 preretirement ‘hits’) + (2,070 ‘hits’ during retirement) = 3,162 homeland lives lost during one ASP’s lifetime.


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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