Lord Shiva Astride the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World . by Alice B. Clagett

  • The Story of Shiva and Nandi
  • Lord Shiva and the Mental Filters of the Third Dimension
  • Lord Shiva and the Awakening of Gaia

Dear Ones,

Here’s a great image of Lord Shiva riding the bull Nandi: http://amritsartemples.in/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/lord-shiva-56.jpg .. 

To me, this image looks like a man who knows his Divine nature, rejoicing in the Manhood Mental Filter (the bull), and riding on top of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World (the demons in the image).


Lord Shiva was meditating in the Himalayas. Then one day Surabhi, the mother of all the cows in the world, began giving birth to an endless number of white cows. They gave a river of milk, which flooded Lord Shiva’s home and interrupted his meditation.

In retaliation, he struck Surabhi a psychic blow with his third-eye point, and this turned some patches of the cows’ hides to brown, which is why some cows are brown and white today.

The other gods, full of concern, offered Lord Shiva a very great bull, Nandi, who was the son of Surabhi. Lord Shiva accepted this magnificent bull and rode it. Then Nandi became the protector of all animals. (1)


I’d like to ‘translate’ this myth of Lord Shiva and Nandi according to the theories I’m presently developing regarding mental filters …

I see that Lord Shiva, the Divine Masculine, was a perfect meditator, and had a well developed psychic (third-eye point) powers.

I see that Surabhi, the Divine Feminine, is degraded in the myth to an animal state … though I keep in mind that, in India, the cow is considered Divine. This animal nature of women is the basis of the Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter.

I see a description of how the Duality Play shifted from predominance of Divine Feminine in the Lemurian Age to predominance of Divine Masculine in the Atlantean Age … There was too much feminine … too much milk. The Divine Masculine began using psychic powers to control the Divine Feminine. Because of this, women (the cows) became less perfect (less white). This is the state of the world right now.

Then Lord Shiva began riding his new prize, the bull Nandi. Which is to say, he began to ride the Manhood Mental Filter, which gains its power by absorbing the energy of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World (the Demon Realm).

I note in this textile that the lower triangle (the first three chakras) of Lord Shiva, who is riding the bull Nandi, is depicted as a man’s head … which is to say, in Theosophical terms, the Lower Mental Body (elsewhere termed the gut brain, the lower triangle, and the desire elemental), seat of the unconscious mind:

V&A: http://media.vam.ac.uk/media/thira/collection_images/2006AH/2006AH4523_jpg_ds.jpg 


So now, at this moment in time, Lord Shiva is dismounting from the bull Nandi … from the Manhood Mental Filter. The Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter lifts, and Surabhi morphs from a beautiful cow to a beautiful Goddess and consort Parvati: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/shiva-and-parvati-vishnudas.jpg 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Shiva,” http://www.ancient.eu/shiva/


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