Birthing the Subpersonal Chakras … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 Jun 2016

Dear Ones,

In the below video, I describe the birthing of the Subpersonal Chakras now underway.

  • A vision about the V— D— energies: The victim aggressor energies that are roiling though the astral ethers right now, and clearing from Earth.
  • There are both transpersonal (8th – 12th) chakras.
  • There are also subpersonal chakras, below the trunk of the body, and on down to the center of Earth.
  • Right now there is a sphere of energy that is Birthing perfection of that portion of the subpersonal chakras between the bottom of our torso and our feet.
  • The mental filters impinging on people’s clair awareness right now, with regard to Patriarchial Domination, the Victim Aggressor Paradigm, and so on, are the product of this Birthing process during the Solstice of 2016.
  • This is an example of how our Higher Mental Bodies place mental filter construct on deeper processes of transformation through the Incoming Light.
  • Caveat regarding withdrawing blood from the lower body (what was called in the olden times ‘medical leeching’ or hirudotherapy, performed with leeches, with a ‘mechanical leech’, or with a needle): This is contraindicated, as the extra blood circulation we’re experiencing in the lower body helps the transformation process.
  • An Alternative to Medical Leeching: Using water slightly cooler than body temperature to allow the blood to cool; this is called cold water hydrotherapy (2). Also, lying on one’s back on an incline board or slant board, with the head in the lower position, would be a good alternative. 
  • Another Caveat: Don’t mutilate the lower body. That area is already being mutilated by the mental filters you’re clair hearing. Instead, the thing to do is to change the mental filter, for instance, by imagining the beneficial process of birthing that’s now taking place.
  • Another Caveat: Sometimes psychic surgery is performed to sever the central channel of the spine just above the second chakra, under the mistaken assumption that it will make a person more saintly by removing the temptation to perform the sex act. Here’s why this type of psychic surgery is inadvisable: 
    • It will shorten your lifespan.
    • It will make it impossible for the Lower Mental Body to be united with, and under conscious control of, the Higher Mental Body. In other words, the Lower Mental Body will ‘go its own way’.
    • While you are waking, the Lower Mental Body will keep up a constant clair chatter and visualizations about participating in the act of sex; the visualizations will be tinged with negative emotions, and the themes will be of sadomasochistic sexuality and other such themes that express these negative emotions. This sexual chatter will alternate with clair stories and vivid, violent daydreams about murdering people or being killed. This is because the cells of the ‘lower triangle’ perceive the psychic surgery as an act of violence against themselves. They perceive that the Higher Self hates them, and they wilt away, contracting physical diseases because of it.
    • While you are sleeping, if the emotional body (i.e., the astral body) is in a state of anger, fear, or anxiety because of some small upset during the day, the severed ‘desire elemental’ is likely to participate in astral activities aimed at harming, raping, or murdering others. This is because it has been deprived of the wisdom and tutelage of the higher mind and conscience.
    • Further, you will find it impossible to ground; the astral body will be thrown out into the astral plane, where because of the astral damage done, it will fall prey to the demon realm.

    For those who have had such psychic spinal surgeries, either voluntarily or involuntarily, the best remedy is to seek out a good psychic or energetic healer. This includes spiritual healers who are able to work long distance, specialists in acupressure and acupuncture, and practitioners of Thai health massage. Yoga, if practiced very gently, may also be helpful, as may visualization of the energy of the spine as whole, and coursing freely in a natural way.

  • Also, if you’re in relationship, have an honest talk with your significant other regarding repressed feelings that may be held as astral bubbles of negative emotion in the lower body.
    • For instance, the notion that a wife must make herself always available to her husband for sexuality can cause in her lower retention of astral body bubbles of negativity in her lower body. This notion affects a wide swath of humankind, and many cultures.
    • The notion that a man must perform the act of sex a certain number of times a day, or a certain number of times a week, or for a certain duration, is a powerful source of fear in many cultures regarding the definition of a man and his existence.
  • We’re all Awakening, and we’re all changing, and we’re all integrating new energy fields both above and below the physical body.
  • We’re becoming much more aware of how grand our Soul field is. It’s all good news, but it does come about with a sense of a little dis-ease and discomfort.

Wikipedia lists the Subpersonal Chakras as beginning below the feet (1); so it could be that the area of the Soul Field that I call the first Subpersonal Chakra Bubble in the video is in reality a bridge between the Personal Chakras and the Subpersonal Chakras. I’ve changed the title of the below visualization to agree with Wikipedia.


The area being worked on is between the Base Chakra and the Earth Star in this image of the human chakras, new style. I feel this image is missing a series of Subpersonal Chakras below the Gaia Gate:

  • Lie down on your back, and relax your body.
  • Begin breathing long and deep.
  • Visualize a bubble of energy that starts at the bottom of your trunk and ends at your feet.
  • While holding this visualization in your mind’s eye, see if you can sense any movement of energy in your legs, or in the air around your legs.
  • Continue with this visualization and awareness of feeling in this, the first subpersonal energy sphere, for a few minutes.
  • Repeat as needed.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See Link: “Subpersonal Chakras,” ..

(2) See Link: “Hydrotherapy” … Search ‘cold water’ here: ..


Image: Lying on a slant board: ..


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