Summary of the Manhood Meta-Mental Filter . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 30 May 2016

  • The Cowboy Sex Mental Filter
  • The Double Oh Seven Mental Filter
  • The Lilith Mental Filter
  • The Patriarchal Domination Mental Filter
  • The Unisex Mental Filter

Dear Ones,

I feel the heaviness in the noosphere in recent months, and which will most likely continue for some months to come, has to do with the Manhood Mental Filter resolving globally. I consider this Manhood Mental Filter to be a meta-filter, an umbrella under which many other mental filters fall. Some of the subfilters are noted below; you can read more about them with a search through the Categories on my blog.


  • A man ropes himself to a woman in the second chakra, and roping the woman’s second chakra to that of another woman — this is psychic rape.
  • A man pretends to be a woman, especially a woman who objects to his attempts at psychic rape, while he is psychically raping another woman.
  • A man ropes his sexual chakra to woman’s vagina or rectum.
  • A man ropes his wife’s sexual chakra to that of another woman.
  • A group leader ropes the sexual chakras of the women in his group serially


This male mental filter visualizes the act of sex as ‘killing’ women … which has strengthened the serial killer and antisocial personality energy threads in the noosphere. These are now resolving.


Then there is the Lilith Mental Filter … the male notion that women … or more often, ONE woman (scarlet letter!) is to blame for their thoughts about sexual desire. So, very prevalent in the noosphere right now: Men blaming women for their own sexual urges. Like women’s right to speak, this is an issue that has been resolved in Law, but apparently the energy threads have yet to be transformed in the noosphere.


This is the black magic (deep subconscious) muting of the feminine voice in the noosphere: Women are afraid to clair talk, and when they do, men put them down (third eyepoint) and gang rape them (lower triangle). So there is no respect, on the astral plane, for women’s right to speak.

This has given rise to the notion, among men, that women are only a kind of animal … chattel. Dumb animals, who have no intelligent thought. Like an automobile that you purchase, and then trade in for a newer model. This notion that women are dumb brutes turns men to each other for sexual expression.

Here are some of the astral plane stories that have developed from the Patriarchal Domination energy thread:

  • The story of men ‘jacking off’ together while viewing a pinup of a woman. In this story, the men are real people, but the woman is only an object … a piece of paper.
  •  Stories about warring with women
  •  Stories about a group leader who promotes all the members of his group psychically raping a woman who opts out of the group.
  •  Astral chat: On the subconscious plane, a man says to a woman: “My thoughts to your thoughts. I AM HIGHER.” J This confusion of physical tallness with spiritual and mental superiority arises from the symbolic imaging of the subconscious mind.
  •  Another version of this astral chat: The man says to the woman, “My mind to your mind,” and envisions his mind settling down into, and dissolving the woman’s mind.


  • Men’s fundamental misunderstanding of female sexual archetypes. Their belief that women are just like men, only with breasts.
  • Women’s fundamental misunderstanding of male sexual archetypes. Hopes for foreplay. Ideal of chastity.
  • Prevalence among men of pornography viewing, results being reduced satisfaction in the physical act of sex, displeasure with one’s physical sexual partner, decrease in desire for intimacy, and feelings of shame and resentment.
  • Trends in women’s clothing force women into the role of Lilith, of the sex object or sex worker.


I feel that the clearing of the Manhood Mental Filter from the noosphere will resolve all the above subfilters as well. This transformation is happening right now. It’s a very big noospheric change, and is deeply affecting both men and women.

Please take heart, Dear Ones. These new downloads of Light presage great things to come. As the balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine reasserts itself, the current tensions between the genders will be transformed to mutual joy.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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