Awakening versus the Desire to Take Drugs . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 May 2016

  • The Desire to Know God
  • The Veil of Forgetfulness
  • Through Drugs, We Forget about Spirit
  • Soul Evolution
  • Soul Devolution
  • Dark Souls
  • How Drugs Devolve the Soul
  • How Demons Assist in Soul Devolution
  • A Farewell Blessing to Dark Souls Who Are Leaving in These Times

Thomas_Cooper_Gotch_TheAwakening“The Awakening” by Thomas Cooper Gotch (1)

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about Awakening … the desire to know God … versus the desire to take drugs … to fall asleep in physical form. Also discussed: the free will choices of Soul evolution or Soul devolution. What is a Dark Soul? What happens to a Dark Soul?


This is more or less the complete text of the video:

This is about waking up, the desire to be awake, and about the desire to take drugs, which is the exact opposite.


In our Souls, we have a desire to wake up … a great desire. A great longing to know God. But there’s something going on in the human body, in the physical form, that’s the exact opposite of that…. the desire to fall asleep. The desire not to know God. The desire to loaf along with the physical body and enjoy just the physical senses. To revel in physical sensations, and to not care about anything but that.


It’s a falling asleep into the body that happens when we wake up in physical form. After we are born, it takes a few years for the Soul to fully find itself in physical form. The Soul is watching over the physical form inside the mother … cherishing and nourishing and blessing it. And the same for the first few years of life. And then there comes a time when the physical form is developed enough for the Soul to slip into it. For the Awareness to be there inside the body.

And at that point, as I understand it, a Forgetting happens. Within a few years, by the age of four, a Forgetting happens. And that Forgetting is an identification with physical sensation in the body.


So there we are, having Forgotten, at the age of, let’s say, twelve, and reveling in new-found sensations of sexuality which further pull us into the illusion…. As we go along, having already fallen asleep, we’re tempted with the notion of deeper sleep. And that takes the form of of what we call drugs. They come in so many forms today. There are drugs that are legal and drugs that are not legal. But every decision to take a drug is a decision to fall asleep … to fall into the physical form … forgetting about Spirit, forgetting about the Soul, forgetting about the Soul mission here. Every decision to take a drug is a decision to fall into the great, warm bath of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World … and not to Awaken. Every decision to take a drug is a decision to allow our Souls to devolve rather than evolve.

So the choices that we have here on Earth are very stark. We can choose, in small steps, every day and every moment, whether to evolve our Souls toward an understanding of God, or to devolve our Souls away from understanding of Spirit and God.


What is Soul devolution, compared to Soul evolution? I feel that Soul evolution is to find, in physical form, Awareness of every cell, of all of our DNA, of all of our subtle bodies, and of our physical body … of the Divine nature of what we are. We incorporate God awareness and God realization here in physical form.

We take many lifetimes to accomplish this. Then there comes a time when all that we are in human form unites with God, Source, the One. Consciously unites. That’s Soul evolution: Into the pure awareness that we are God.


“A Fairy Tale – ‘All seemed to sleep, the timid hare / On form, the stag upon his lair, / The eagle in her eyrie fair, / Between the earth and sky’ – Scott.” 1895 Arthur Wardle (2)

And what is Soul devolution? I feel Soul devolution is a decision to slowly diminish our quotient of light, and of love, and to turn towards hatred, towards the lower astral realms where the great, gnarly bad entities are. It’s a decision to go with that energy of those beings, rather than the energy of the Angelic world. And those beings are far lower in Light Quotient than is the Angelic world.

So we’ve decided to wick out the light of Spirit. Until the time that quantum physics takes over, and the process becomes irreversible. This irreversible process happens after many lifetimes of Free Will choices to lower our Light Quotient.


At that point in our Soul’s journey, we incarnate … take human form … as Dark Souls, whose heart chakra wounding is so great that pouring forth love into the world is no longer possible; we must feed off the energies of other incarnate Souls … through psychic cording … all our lives. Through thick psychic cords thrown out to others, we draw in their Light to keep our own bodies alive.


As far as I know, there are two main factors on Earth for this irreversible thing to happen. One is to decide over and over again, in the course of one’s lifetime, to take drugs (see above). That then changes the nature of the physical body, and of all the subtle bodies. (3)

In the astral body … as can be seen by concentrating on the subtle body known as the ‘body of light‘ … it causes a turning of the quarks towards hatred, towards being consumed by the demonic realm, towards offering the light to them so that they can survive  … because otherwise they cannot survive.


The entities of the demon realm … which is to say, the entities that exist in the hellworlds of the astral plane … are made of hate, and they take our love from us and turn our quarks slightly to hate … till we reach a point where there is no going back. And when there is no going back for our body of light, what happens is, we disappear completely from the Universe as individual beings, as Souls, as individualized Spirit. But we become one with some portion of the Universe.

  • For instance, on the astral plane, those parts of us that were astral matter, continue as astral matter, but not in the form of an individual awareness.
  • The intelligence of the lower mental body ceases to exist … not gradually, as is the case after physical death of an evolving Soul, but all in a flash.
  • The knowledge and wisdom of the higher mental body returns to the Mind of God.
  • In the physical realm, nothing remains of individuated awareness after death; the moment of Soul destruction … which arrives after many lifetimes of Free Will choices to devolve the Soul … sunders awareness from the physical body in the same way.
  • In the body of light, that Light wicks out.

And so, whatever energy that remained to us as Dark Souls joins all the energy of God, of Source, of the One … but not in an aware state.


“The execution of Lady Jane Grey in the Tower of London in the year 1554,” by Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) (4) … In this painting, Lady Jane Grey symbolizes for me the body of light at the moment of dissolution of the devolved Soul. –Alice

Some are choosing that right now, and I’m deeply grateful to them for agreeing to participate in the Duality Experiment, and for being willing to carry the most extreme understanding and experience of duality in their many lifetimes, and through their many lifetime choices.

I’m very grateful to them for adding to the understanding of the Star Library at Alpha Centauri, and again in the Pleiades, and again on Sirius. I’m overawed at their courage in participating in this experiment. I wish them well in their transition.

God speed to God, for no matter whether we arise in greatest glory to awareness of our God nature, or whether we sink, in terror and confusion, to an understanding that our individual nature and our individual ego no longer will exist, we are still God. All that is, is God…. And Free Will has been fulfilled. We have done what we set out to do.

God bless you all in freedom of choice.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: I mentioned two ways that Soul devolution can occur, and only discussed one in this video. The other way is to choose the path of black magic. The reason why the Soul choice leads to Soul devolution is that it aligns us with the demon realm … with those negative astral entities who practice black magic to take the Soul’s light from humankind.

When we choose, moment to moment, to practice black magic, our Souls gradually become darker and darker, like those of the beings of the demon realm. See the category ‘black magic’ in my blog for more on this.


“How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” by Swami Prabhavananda, Christopher Isherwood (Translator) … ..

“Traditional Yoga and Meditation of the Himalayan Masters: Self-Realization through the Yoga Sutras, Vedanta, Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra” … ..

A Meditation in Two Parts, by Yogi Bhajan, adapted by KhalsaSoulja ..

I can attest to the effectiveness of this two-part meditation. –Alice

Video: I Am Thine in Mine Myself Wahe Guru Meditation Part 1: ..

Video: I Am Thine in Mine Myself Wahe Guru Meditation Part 2: ..


(1) “The Awakening” by Thomas Cooper Gotch, from … public domain


(2) “A Fairy Tale – ‘All seemed to sleep, the timid hare on form, the stag upon his lair’ – Scott.” 1895 Arthur Wardle, from … Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

This painting illustrates “The Bridal of Triermain” (1813) by Sir Walter Scott

“All seem’d to sleep – the timid hare
On form, the stag upon his lair,
The eagle in her eyrie fair
Between the earth and sky.

“But what of pictured rich and rare
Could win De Vaux’s eye-glance, where,
Deep slumbering in the fatal chair,
He saw King Arthur’s child!…”

The above excerpt from the poem is, as far as I can deduce, public domain because of the date. –Alice


(3) For more on how drugs irreversibly affect the subtle body known as the astral body, see the index of the book “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena” by Arthur E. Powell.


(4) “The execution of Lady Jane Grey in the Tower of London in the year 1554,” by Paul Delaroche (1797-1856), 1833, from … public domain


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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