Image: Umbrella, by Fornax , from Wikimedia Commons … Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license … DESCRIPTION: This is an image of a blue umbrella, opened and tilted sideways so that the underside is visible. There is a spike at the top center of the umbrella; the spike is labeled: top spike = group leader EMF and unconscious mind, which gloms to ribs, stretchers, and tip. Inside the open umbrella are metal ‘ribs’ that arch under and stretch open the fabric of the umbrella, and metal ‘stretchers’ the proceed from near the top of the spine of the umbrella to each of the ribs, to add strength to the bow of the ‘ribs’. There is a label with arrows pointing to a rib and to a stretcher: rib and stretcher = group EMF [electromagnetic field] glom and unconscious mind glom effect. At the end of each ‘rib’ of the umbrella is a ‘tip’; one of the tips has this label: tip = group member’s EMF, including energy of unconscious mind.