The Coming Changes, including The Prophecy of the Popes by Salvatore Russo . comments by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 23 January 2016; revised on 9 February 2019
Previously titled: The Coming Changes, including referral to Salvatore Russo

    • Salvatore Russo’s Section “Coming Changes”
    • Salvatore Russo’s Section “Microcosmos”
    • On Expanding Our Understanding of Time Through Whole Brain Thinking
    • Timeline Transformation as a Cause of Dark Prophecies Not Manifesting
    • A Very Delayed Timeline: The Second Coming of Christian Prophecy
    • The Hathor Channelings: Tom Kenyon’s Prophetic Timelines
    • Signs in the Clouds: Alice Clagett’s Prophetic Timelines
    • Salvatore Russo’s Prophetic Timelines
    • Activation of Light: Timeline Optimization, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,


In 2013 Salvatore Russo had some predictions regarding global and personal changes resulting from the Shift, that to me, are some of the best that anyone has channeled regarding the changes now taking place on Earth, and the concomitant choices available to each of us who are in form on Earth today.

Salvatore Russo’s Section “Coming Changes”

Salvatore Russo’s section “Coming Changes,” I feel, had best be read in its entirety, so that it can be cast in the light of each reader’s understanding of the history of Earth so far …

Link: “Saturn Retrograde: The Prophecy of the Popes,” by Salvatore Russo, in Spirit of Ma’at: Truth Brings Clarity … … Search the subheading: Coming Changes

This section has a list of changes we may look for in the coming years, including changes in …

  • the financial arena
  • economic blocks
  • third-world debt
  • upgrades in the Light quotient of world leadership
  • currency market fluctuations
  • turning of people inward, toward communion with God; this more so than adherence to form and societal expectations with regard to participation in religious institutions
  • less coercion and more free will in dealings of nation with nation
  • deaths [and to this I would add ‘going to ground’ or faked death] of what he terms ‘masonic leadership’ [My term for this is ‘Controllers’.]
  • freeing up of world resources such as food, medicine, and money, for more egalitarian use by all her peoples
  • greater freedoms, and stronger human rights, for the peoples of all nations
  • and worldly signs … such as fire, flood, and so on … that are sent by God to help people achieve greater brotherly love, and a stronger sense of family and community, so that they may together build a greater and brighter future for themselves and for their children

Salvatore Russo’s Section “Microcosmos”

I also liked the section “Microcosmos” in Salvatore Russo’s prophecy, That section lists the many personal, individual themes that will be clearing in the coming times. One need only look to the titles of movies now playing in the theaters to know which these may be.

The table of contents in my blog lists many of the items on Mr. Russo’s list as well, such as: transformation, crime, fear, vengeance, psychology, health, empowerment, clair gifts, and mastery of mind.

I like Salvatore Russo’s list very much, as it is quite complete, and eloquently phrased, in case you would like to read it …

Link: “Saturn Retrograde: The Prophecy of the Popes,” by Salvatore Russo, in Spirit of Ma’at: Truth Brings Clarity … … Search the subheading: Microcosmos


I see that Salvatore Russo’s blog refers to a time of Saturn retrogrades in the year 2013, and is continuing to unfold, for most people on Earth, into the year 2019 and onward.

I would like to explain a little about prophecy and the multitemporal nature of the universe. People sometimes say to themselves: This was prophesied to occur in such-and-such a year. That year has come and gone, and the prophecy has not occurred. Clearly … they say … the prophecy was false. This way of thinking occurs when people are trapped in the causal network, through use of their left brain solely.

On Expanding Our Understanding of Time Through Whole Brain Thinking

As we develop whole brain thinking, we begin to get a feel for multitemporality, and for timeline merges and splits and jumps; for rollbacks and roll-forwards (‘previews’) and repeating loops.

We start to have fun with time, much in the way that a child might play with a skateboard in a skateboard park, or a surfer might play with the ocean waves when the surf is up. We begin to have confidence in the notion that we can choose an optimum Awareness timeline; that we can create a prophecy, select a timeline, and change our future.

My blog category: Mastery of mind – subconscious – unconscious mind has more on achieving whole brain thinking.

Timeline Transformation as a Cause of Dark Prophecies Not Manifesting

When we prophecy, and then for masses of people, that prophecy does not immediately manifest, there are several possibilities. Especially in the case of very Dark prophecies, the timeline, through God’s grace, is often merged with a brighter timeline, and transformed to the Light.

I notice, today, that the movie industry is bringing forth Dark timeline after Dark timeline, and placing them before the public eye. We Lightworkers encounter the Dark dreams so manifest as astral stories sometimes sparked, in the movie plot writer’s mind, by single instances in the news, or by a word or phrase they read or hear, which brings forth the emotion of fear or the desire to injure others.

In my understanding, their subconscious mind then creates a plot based on that feeling of fear or anger, with a tiny spark seed of truth in it (the event about which they read or hear, or which they see).

It is up to the Lightworkers, pathfinders, wayshowers, and healers to transform these Dark story lines to the Light, when we encounter them as astral stories in Earth’s noosphere. In that way, the emotions of fear and anger may be transformed to the emotions of love and Light. In that way the noosphere is cleansed, and the energy field of Earth is uplifted.

A Very Delayed Timeline: The Second Coming of Christian Prophecy

In many other instances, there is a ‘news headline’ disparity to do with prophecy: The news of the prophecy does not happen for most people until some time later.

This happened with Christ’s prophecy of the Second Coming. His followers sold all their possessions; they endured harsh poverty, travels through difficult and unsafe terrain, imprisonment, and death. They forewent family life as well, because they felt that the Second Coming would happen during their lifetime. Yet the Second Coming is only just now manifesting, some 2000 years later.

The Hathor Channelings: Tom Kenyon’s Prophetic Timelines

Along similar lines, in Tom Kenyon’s work, the Hathors channelings are dated from 2003 onward …

Link: “Tom Kenyon,” by Tom Kenyon … … Search the section: Hathors

These channelings include many prophecies that I find to be very much ‘on the mark’. In Tom Kenyon’s Awareness timeline, they were manifest as early as the year 2003 and the years that followed. Yet for the Awareness timeline of many people of Earth … as evidenced by mass media and newspaper headlines … the prophecies are still in the process of unfolding, and are not yet evident to their mental minds.

Signs in the Clouds: Alice Clagett’s Prophetic Timelines

In the same way, my prophecies feel to me as if they are unfolding in the Now, yet it may be some years before I see them in newspaper headlines, which to me represent the Awareness timeline of many people on Earth (although not my own Awareness timeline).

For more on these prophecies, search my blog category: Prophecy – oracles – seers – mystery schools – cloud readings

Salvatore Russo’s Prophetic Timelines

As mentioned above, the events named in Salvatore Russo’s work began to manifest in 2013, and are still in the process of playing out, in many timelines. The temporal lag, as explained above, is typical of multitemporal timeline prediction.

Thus for me, his predictions are as true today, as they were in 2013 … in fact, perhaps more so, as to my seeming, a prediction past its predicted time of occurrence adheres to itself greater and greater urgency of its unfolding, like a swooping down of great and inevitable forces, or a marching onward of the unfolding laws of the ever greater love and Light in our Multiverse.

This feeling of impendency and of ever greater pressure of inevitability has to do with Light prophecies rather than Dark prophecies, as the onward course of the Universe, and that of almost all Souls, and of all sentient beings, has the force of evolution towards greater understanding of God through which Creation emanates.


I note the timeline of Salvatore Russo’s predicted changes was apparently pretty brief. By my lights, they have only just started to manifest from 2013 through 2019, in the general arena of humankind. I suppose it depends on the timeline each person chooses, as to how quickly they appear to manifest for that individual.

My own recommendation is to stay out of the political-economic-financial scene insofar as possible. Where the personality intersects with these, maintain a low key, I feel. Disclosures may unfold, as Salvatore Russo predicted. The global economy may change, as may finance, the political scene, and so on. But what are these to you, in actuality?

Far more important in these times of change, I feel, is to be of clear and steady heart, to transform all incoming dense energy strands with love and Light and joy, and to promptly forgive each and every instance of judgment or blame coming my way. To be like Christ, insofar as possible. To manifest Christ consciousness. To be that Light by which all may rise to conscious Atransforwareness. To just be that.

A person’s job may change, or they may hold their job differently, Their family grouping may change, or they may hold their family differently. Their timeline may shift completely, over and over again, if they use the timeline optimization technique …

Activation of Light: Timeline Optimization
by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett

Spirit to Team,
Optimize timelines!
For the All, through Free Will!

For me, the notion of change became a pretty cool event, once I got used to it. Every day is, to me, the very best of all possible days. Everything new is totally cool. I am into it!

Like the familiar call: Surf’s up!
Like a grand slalom down a snowy slope,
Life’s full of twists and turns, and wonderful surprises!

And so, I greet each of you on this beautiful day, in this best of all timelines, for …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more timeline information see … LInk: “Compendium: Timelines and Multitemporality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019 … ..

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