Law of Karma and Lords of Karma 1 . by Alice B. Clagett

Published 17 April 2015; revised
Originally entitled “Law of Karma and Lords of Karma.” Note that there is another blog published on 2 July 2015, and entitled “Law of Karma and Lords of Karma 2”

    • Myth of the Law of Karma and the Lords of Karma 1,by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

This is a story about the times before the times, when the infant world of humankind first opened its eyes to God’s great creation. And about these times, as the world awakens. A lightly edited Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have words for you about the Law of Karma and the Lords of Karma …

. . . .

Myth of the Law of Karma and the Lords of Karma 1
by Alice B. Clagett, 17 April 2015

It is a tricky thing, finding a way to say things so that no one takes offense. It is my intention not to hurt anyone’s heart. And to manifest whatever I can, through these words, to uplift everyone. All humankind: Everywhere and everywhen …. in all the alternate worlds, in all the galaxies, amongst all the beings of Love and Light everywhere … throughout this Universe, and through all the Universes. That is my prayer.

The Law of Karma was invented long ago, when the Demon Hordes attempted to enslave the hearts of humankind on Earth. That Law is false … because our human hearts were made for Love and Love alone. Through trickery and deceit, the Demon world convinced us to turn from the Love of the heart, and to cover up that light a little.

So, the cause of the covering of our hearts, and the beginning of Karma, was the trickery of the Demon Realm … It was that their hearts knew not the Truth of all that is … As if their own hearts were controlled, and concealed, by that lack of knowing. So they themselves were enslaved by that ignorance. And in the same way, that ignorance of theirs overcame that which was true and right in us.

And so … Ignorance … through ignorance … through ignorance, the notion of Karma began to be established in the hearts of men …

  • The notion that we are guilty of something,
  • The notion that we are enslaved to the past,
  • The notion that we should blame other people,
  • The notion that others must make up for their misdeeds towards us
  • All these limitations were placed upon the human heart.

Now is the time to know that there is no such thing as the Law of Karma. The Lords of Karma, those highest of the Satan realm: They are not our lords. And I adjure them every one, for the sake of all humankind, for the All, through Free Will …

And in place of that Law, I write, in the history of the human race …

  • The truth of the Now,
  • The truth of our creative power,
  • The truth of our ability to wipe out the past with one thought … with one brave thought,
  • The truth of our ability to rid the world forever of blame and guilt and vengeance and hatred and fear.

This we are: The unblemished, all encompassing Love of the All.

. . . . .

[Images of a few desert flowers]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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