How to Get a Thought Train to Switch Tracks . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 27 August 2014 


Video: “Linda Fireman Switchman,” by Harry Haas ..

Dear Ones,


In old-time railroad parlance, there used to be a ‘switchman’ … a real live human being, who also had the job of ‘fireman’ or coal stoker. This person got off a train at a switch point, opened or closed a pair of moveable track rails (‘switch points’), and then got back on. The train would then go off on a different track, to a new destination.

In real life here on Earth, my mind is the ‘train’, my emotions the coal that makes the train go fast, and my awareness is both the ‘fireman’ the ‘switchman’ …

Believe it or not, thoughts are not located at a central station … They are not just sitting there in my head. Au contraire, the rails of my ‘thought trains’ run across my physical body, and leave impressions in my Body of Light there, much as train tracks, over time, and with much use, start to sink into and change the contours of the embankment on which they run.

On the physical body, if a specific rail is overused, maintenance work may be needed after a while. Or, from the Light Body perspective, clearing of denseness, brightening of the Light in that area, may be needed.

So, it is good to keep my thought trains running here and there, and not stuck going back and forth on one rail. Or so I feel. Consequently, I have been keeping an eye on my thought trains lately. I have noticed they tend to gather emotional ‘steam’ as they go along, and then after a while it is hard to switch tracks.

So today, starting in the early morning hours, I have tried this technique with pretty good success. You might call it a rail switching technique:

by Alice B. Clagett

First, I relax my abdomen. In railroad parlance, that is like shoveling no more coal on the engine fire. By relaxing my abdomen, I am relaxing my will power, my emotional steam. So that allows my thought train to slow down.

Second, I place my awareness on my physical heart, which is located a little to the left of the center of my chest. You will know the spot …

The physical heart is my thought train’s switching mechanism. Placing my awareness there allows my thoughts to change tracks, so that they begin to run here and there, and everywhere, not just round and round the same old track.

So far, so good on this. Today I am the ‘switchman’! Wish me well!

I wish you all the very best too!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Railroad track manually operated switch, from Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online: ..


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