Human Pack Behavior in 4D . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 February 2014

Dear Ones,

Here are some aspects of our vestigial animal behavior that have been clearing through my aura lately. Good to look things squarely in the eye, I feel …  Sometimes it is hard to believe we could be clearing such animalistic qualities, I know.

These are all mental-emotional qualities that are disappearing as we become more firmly grounded in New Earth, in the physical world. The display is taking place in 4D, in the dream state and on the astral plane, and the clearing is taking place in the real world.

  • Egoic aggressiveness by alpha male, the human pack leader, on the 4D (mental emotional; astral) plane. Hunting down, stealing of non-pack females.
  • Sexual play by female pack members with female non-pack-members.
  • Chasing away of male non-pack members and non-submissive female recruits. Throwing of feces and astral debris at non-pack members. Pursuit continues beyond pack territory.
  • Demands of submission before the alpha male: prostration and head bowing, for example
  • Depersonalization of non-alpha-female pack members to nonegoic, non-individualized status. Manipulation of lower female pack member behavior by alpha male and alpha female through 4D hypnosis.
  • Alpha female behavior rolls from one female to another from time to time
  • Male pack members are individualized, ego-possessing
  • Women in pack have intercourse only with alpha male
  • Other men in pack prevented from sleeping with women in pack
  • Weakest males are dominated and raped by alpha male. Alpha male allows weak males to rape non-pack females as he rapes the weak males. Weak males attempt to bond with non-pack-member female rapees, but alpha male chases these females away.
  • Strong males who are not alpha male vent rage on non-pack-member females
  • Strong males who are not the alpha male must steal a chance to have intercourse with women when alpha male is distracted. This is risky behavior, as evidenced by this video. It can result in the ‘stealer’ being chased away from the pack.

Video: “Alpha Male Wolf Catches Daughter Having Sex,” by sameerstadamus, 11 December 2011, ..

Seeing these traits well up into our consciousness and express themselves in our dream world is offputting, to say the least. Well, it is offputting to me, anyway. Since I firmly believe the Universe is full of Love, I have faith that what is coming up in 4D is very deep clearing work.

When this type of clearing comes up, my thoughts are that I will sit straight,  notice what is so, feel my pranic column energy and my heart, and smile. If we cannot admit what the Divine is bringing to our attention, if we stuff it down into our subconscious world instead of placing our Awareness on it, it is going to keep on popping up until we perceive that suffering through the process of Awareness is less painful than the alternative.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

A whole lot of sorrow and suffering here, as the old romantic paradigm shifts into the new reality…

Video: “frankly my dear i don’t give a damn,” by sergio Bastardo, 27 March 2011, ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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