Releasing the Shadow and the Tribe, and Connecting to Soul Purpose . by Alice B. Clagett

  • The Dark Network and the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World
  • On the Importance of Relaxing the Abdomen: The Third Chakra … the Tribal Chakra
  • Hridaya Chakra Meditation to Activate Soul Power

Dear Ones,

The Arcturian Council: Shadow Work video (below) by Arcturus Ra has quite a few interesting ideas in it.


For instance, he talks about a vision of the dark web all over Earth that takes advantage of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. Its nature is not to our advantage. Arcturus Ra explains how to deal with it, how to be a strong and self-directed Soul.

I like where he describes the body as an apartment building with a lot of units in it. Then he says, we are the landlords of our apartment buildings. Then he says (to paraphrase), if some tenant or other in your apartment building hasn’t paid the rent, and you are not aware of this, then that is like the dark web moving into your apartment building. When we are unconscious, the darkness can move into us. Arcturus Ra has a very unique point of view. But I will leave it to you to hear the rest directly …

Video: “Arcturian Council :Shadow Work !!!” by Arcturus Ra, 3 February 2014, ..

I noticed at 17.15 on the video where Arcturus Ra is talking about outfoxing the Darkness, and then his camera starts to fall off the rock. Twice. For no apparent reason…. These are the kinds of tricks … seems like … that I run into when I do a video about the Dark. I also run into ‘mind mud’ and ‘mind slides’ … where I start to talk, and my tongue slows down, or my mind slides over a word over and over again. Some people call this a Dark Attack, but really, it is more like Light is about to come in, and the Dark is dancing a little anticipatory tap dance, you know?

Also note, at the bottom of this blog, how one of the rocks in the video looks like it has a face. It almost seems as if the spirits of the natural world were helping Arcturus Ra as neutral witnesses to his talk.


Recently I have experimented with consciously relaxing the abdomen. The effects on me were quite interesting …

  • The energy of my electromagnetic field became unstuck from my mental notions, both conscious and unconscious, apparently, and the energy began to circulate and flow freely.
  • My own idea about this is that will power, centered in the abdomen, can start us on the path to freedom from the ‘dark web’ that Arcturus Ra mentions.
  • It can help us clear addictions and straighten out our lives.

As Arcturus Ra mentions, the navel point … the third chakra … is a tribal chakra. It connects us with our tribe, keeps us humming to their tune [as do the first and second chakras]. To fully be our own person, we need to release the third chakra energy, and relaxing the abdomen allows that to happen, I feel.


After we release the abdomen we can place our awareness on the inner cave of the heart … the hridaya chakra … located at the level of the heart chakra, but situated deep inside the body, just in front of the spine … to activate our Soul power, to purify, complete, and align our incarnations and our past and present karmic relationships, and further our Soul purpose. Pretty cool stuff, coming round the bend.

The great mystical poet Rumi has also spoken about the hridaya chakra. He said that a star appears there, more brilliant than the seven heavens.

Here is more on the Hridaya, paraphrased from an unknown source:

  • Creation is like a river of energy flowing from the Hridayam. Through Samadhi it is known.
  • Through the Hridaya we can have the courage to make choices beyond the karmic realm. This is what is meant by ‘following the heart’: by concentrating on the Hridaya, we rise above the tribal lower chakras, and choose to follow the higher self.
  • Here we can transform all that is negative, all darkness, all karma to light and love and joy.
  • By placing awareness on the Hridaya, we can co-create New Life on New Earth.
  • Through the Hridaya we experience unconditional love, a sense of the All, and empathy for all things … even for minerals and rocks.
  • Through Hridaya we can heal.
  • Hridaya is the Soul’s seat, the very Center. (1)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) For more on the inner cave of the heart, the hridaya chakra, see …

LInk: ‘Significance of Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart,” ..


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