Twin Flame Troubles . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 20 August 2013 

  • Each of Us Has Many Twin Flames
  • Putting Karma Clearing on Fast Forward

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Dear Ones,


I have an unusual notion about twin flames, otherwise known as Soul mates. I have a feeling that each of us has many twin flames … certainly in the different dimensions, and quite possibly here on Earth. Hardly linear thinking, right? But my notion of twin flames is that they are folks who are specially ‘keyed’ to assist us in karmic clearing. ‘Keyed’ is probably not the right word, as it implies that ‘someone’ did ‘something’ to our twin flames to make them suitable. That’s not exactly what I mean. Rather, they have had past life experiences that cause their unconscious minds and emotions to react in such a way that they trigger our own unconscious ‘speckles.’ So then we can get a better grasp of what needs to be cleared from our aura.


So when I think of twin flames, I think of karma clearing, on fast forward. Not romance. I realize this point of view flies in the face of convention. it may not match your own thoughts on the topic, but that’s all ok. My feeling is, many points of view make the world more interesting.

Seems to me that natal families, romantic relationships, housemate groups, and ashram or kibbutz living are other ways to put karma clearing on fast forward. This because our speckles, according to the natural laws of the Universe, attract into our lives that which will clear them.

So, missing the twin flame or Soul mate connection doesn’t mean we miss the karma clearing boat. Twin flames are just one of many ways in which our speckles become painfully clear (and consequently, can be consciously cleared).

This blog by Amara Tia Ann may throw some light on twin flame trouble:

“Soul Mate and Twin Flame Reunion – Completing Half Circles or Merging Full Circles?”, Amara Tia Ann’s 17 August 2013 blog at Pearls of Wisdom: ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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