Chakric, Planetary, and Multi-Universe Audiovisual Libraries . by Alice B. Clagett

Reposted from 31 July 2013

  • Chakras as Our Spiritual Library
  • Akashic Records as Audiovisual (Holographic( Files
  • Planetary Light Grid’s Audiovisual Files
  • Universes as Mega Audiovisual Files
  • How to Tidy Up Our Chakric Audiovisual Files

Dear Ones,


I was talking to an energy counselor yesterday, and she had something very interesting to say about the chakras and our life experiences. She said the chakras were our spiritual library, like a chest of drawers. Each drawer is for a different ‘subject’ … for instance, the basal chakra stores information on survival, DNA, sleep cycles, food, and sexuality. The second chakra stores information on the senses as related to emotions and clairsentience, And so on…

If we were to open one of the chakric ‘library drawers’, in it we would find the information stored as audiovisual (holographic) files … pictures, video clips, and, I would add to her description:  audio clips, emotion condensate, odors, and tactile sensation files.


Now this is interesting. It reminds me of descriptions of the akashic records as stacks of pictures. Which when viewed up close may turn into moving pictures. So we might pick up an akashic record and ‘step into’ a particular historical time. Could these then be compressed holographic images?

Could it be the same for our personal chakric records? Are these the same as the akashic records, or possibly the subset of these that is easily accessible to be worked on in the current lifetime? How is it that light and love can scoop up, and in a great swirling motion, simply dissolve these chakric records in a burst of light? Interesting!


And then, in his 30 July 2013 post, (1) Bill Ballard talks about the Light Grid, the Planetary Consciousness Grid, in similar terms. He says the crystals on Earth, which activated a while back and have since been powering up, will be allowing the Planetary Grid to store the experiences of humanity as the process of Awakening unfolds.

Similar to the chakras as personal spiritual Libraries, we might think of the Light Grid as a planetary spiritual Library. We might imagine that the Grid will store our human experiences as a truly vast audiovisual (holographic) library.


Bill also talks about traversing from Universe to Universe, to the point where he bilocates as Source and as a human on Earth. He views the Universes as all lined up linearly – not spherically – or toroidally, I would presume. How can this be? Could it be that the Universes are Mega Akashic Records, Mega AV files, all stacked up in the eye of Source or God?

If so, if they are merely holographic images, then there may be an illusion of vastness – of distance – of stargate opening and wormhole transition between universes. But maybe the ‘thickness’ of the travel illusion is mere slate of hand. And there is no distance whatsoever between us and Source — just layered, dimensionless images of Light.


So, you might be thinking, this is all very interesting. Maybe it’s true, but I’m not seeing it right now. If I don’t see it, how can I explore it? Here’s one way:

Pay particular attention to your bodily sensations. You may feel tightness here, a little pain there, a throbbing sensation elsewhere, a tingling sensation someplace else… Place your awareness on the most prominent sensation. Don’t judge the sensation to be good or bad. Instead, embrace it with a feeling of appreciation and friendliness…. Wow! I’m feeling this sensation! How nice that I noticed it!

So everything’s good. Every sensation is welcome. And I find, as I place my friendly awareness on the sensation, that it very soon dissipates and another sensation, in a different location, comes to my awareness. (2)

I know that, on the face of it, this doesn’t seem to be a process relevant to discovering our chakric audiovisual libraries. But in fact, it is just that.

What is actually happening when we place our awareness on a sensation, and that sensation dissipates? We are opening our chakric library drawers, sorting through the AV images stored there, and picking out and discarding those AV images that are discordant with the incoming energies of New Earth. In effect, we’re throwing out our memories of sorrow and pain. Dissolving them in gratitude and appreciation.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “7-30-13 Bill Ballard ~ Passing through the 7-29-13 Stargate into Our New Earth,” ..

(2) For more on this way of healing, see Link: “Integral Healing,” by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, ..


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