Geomagnetic Storm and Dissolution of Darker Energies . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised on 6 June 2018; revised text is in green font; originally published on 29 June 2013 

Dear Ones,

GaiaPortal’s 29 June 2013 blog (1) mentions dissolution of beings not oriented to the Light. Could this possibly mean that there are Light-oriented beings that are now dissolving non-Light-oriented beings? Maybe dissolving them in Light or with the violet light of Saint Germain?

This brings to mind a 19 June 2013 post by Aluna Joy (2) which mentions that as of the December 2012 Shift, some dark entities jumped into the 5th to 8th dimension. How could that be? I’ve read that these energies are incompatible with the higher dimensions …

6 June 2018 Revision: But then, I’ve also read in The Law of One: The Ra Material,” that pre-Shift, there were a few 6th density beings on Earth, who would eventually shift polarity from negative to positive. Here is a discussion of one such being, Himmler. a member of the Nazi secret police …

Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” Q-A 36.12-15 … 

My thought is, that by 2013, after The Shift, the changing Light on Earth allowed such beings to move into higher densities … perhaps densities 5 to 8, as described by Aluna Joy, who, in 2013, felt that these dark energies would be cleared from the higher dimensions soon.

However, in 2016 I began to notice transpersonal negative astral entities, whose energies we Lightworkers may choose to help transmute with love, such as with visualization of the violet flame of Saint Germain. As of June 2018, I find these negative higher dimensional (higher ‘density’) energies to be mostly in dimensions 8 through 12, above the crown chakra in our personal energetic space. 

When I first spotted these energies in the 8th chakra (which is the first transpersonal chakra) some years ago, I used to term them ‘astral thuggees’ and refer to the ‘8th chakra bow-tie’ … For more on that, search my blog for the terms: astral thuggee … and 8th-chakra bow-tie 

Also note, with regard to Himmler, that more can be found on the choice of astral path negative in my blog category: Consequentialism

To return to the text of the 2013 blog …

In the above-referenced 19 June 2013 post by Aluna Joy are mentioned off-planet energies that have been trying to hinder Ascension since The Shift. I wonder if this might be a reference to energy bursts from this constellation or that, as mentioned by Suspicious Observers (3) on YouTube? Just a thought…

At any rate, there has been some resistance to the Light lately. Whatever the cause of the resistance, it feels to me like we all took a giant leap into Light last night, when Earth passed through a region of south-pointing magnetism that bathed her in a strong geomagnetic storm. (4)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Presence of Higher Entities Energy Has Engaged Local Higher Grids,” 29 June 2013, ..

(2) Link: “Got Love?” by Aluna Joy, 19 June 2013. ..

(3) Link: Suspicious Observers channel, ..

(4) Link: Space Weather for 29 June 2013, ..


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