The Sleeping Mind: Good and Bad Thoughts . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 23 May 2013 

  • On Good and Bad Thoughts
    • Aversion: Fear, Anger, Hatred
    • Attachment: Desire, Conditional Love
  • Unconditional Love
  • Our Soul’s Feeling About Our Thoughts
  • Other People’s Thoughts
  • Unconscious Thoughts
  • Gifts from the Divine
  • PS. More on Unconscious Thought

Dear Ones,


What It Is about the Unconscious … The Divine is all around us … teaching us, guiding us … through our sensory impressions. And … who knows why? … These sensory impressions we judge to be good or bad. The thought of ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ is attached to an emotion. The emotion is ‘not love’ in some form.

Aversion: Fear, Anger, Hatred

If we judge the thought bad, we may feel aversion. An emotion of fear, anger, hatred.

Attachment: Desire, Conditional Love

If we feel it good, we may feel desire, or conditional love.


The emotion we feel is a barrier to the Divine, because the Divine is Love. Even conditional love … love of a person, of our family, of our religion or country … is a barrier to the Divine, because the Divine is pure, unconditional love.


Our Soul is a reflection of Divine love. It’s like a sparkle of Divine sunlight caught in a dewdrop on a flower. The nature of our Soul is to reflect Divine love. So the thought that a gift from the Divine, in the form of a sensory impression, is bad, or ‘not love’ is repelled by our Soul. It’s our thought; it has nowhere to go. So it sticks around in our aura.


Or, it might be someone else’s thought, that flew through the ethers to us. (1) A thought that we find foreign and false, hurtful or controlling. A thought we don’t like. Or, a thought we like so much we just can’t let it go, even though we know it to be, from a Divine perspective, false.


Image: Iceberg, showing submerged portion: ..

So, starting shortly after birth, we have quite a crowd of unconscious thoughts … our thoughts or other people’s thoughts … circling round our body, or a body part, waiting for a chance to reunite with Love. Plaguing us at inopportune times.


Or maybe not so inopportune? In fact, maybe it pops up at just the right moment? The moment when our wide-awake heart can welcome it in as the gift that it is. Allow it to dissolve in Love.

Image: Man with great white light emanating from his colon: Unconscious mind: ..

Why not look at what comes up all day long? At any moment, what’s right in front of me, distasteful as it may appear to be, might actually be the thing the Divine would like me to take a good look at and welcome into my heart with Love. And so, little by little, the cloak of unconsciousness that judgment has drawn round me — the cloak that hides the Divine from me … for, cloak or no cloak, I am never hid from the Divine! This cloak will fall away.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


To me, unconscious thought really feels like the grey layer around the body in this picture …

Image: Subtle picture of ego: ..This image illustrates how ego prevents the descent of grace. 

I can actually feel it shmoping around just outside me, interfering with the incoming lessons of Light. However, it’s also inside my body, interfering with my body chemistry, most probably causing aging. When it’s released to Love, it sometimes feels like seltzer bubbles rising up in the body. Or it may express itself as rearrangement of areas of my etheric body.


(1) I’m reminded of a poem I once wrote:

Other People’s Thoughts
by Alice B. Clagett

“I used to think that other people’s thoughts–
dark thoughts, or sad, thoughts laden with desire,
gyres of the world as it used to be–
had power over me.

“But now I think they’re like air, like wind,
which, when it grows too strong, what do I do?
Seek shelter in a quiet place.”

–a gift from Alice B. Clagett, January 4, 2012


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