Congruence: Silicon Valley 1 . Silicon Valley Technology and Our Body Chemistry . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 May 2013; revised


Dear Ones,


Lately I’ve been getting hints about congruences between semiconductor technology and our body chemistry, so I thought I’d passing them on. It’s a fill-in-the-blanks sort of puzzle I’m presenting to you …

Please go to “How Semiconductors Work” by Marshall Brain, and read paragraph 5 beginning “Carbon, silicon and …”

Silicon is used in the formation of semiconductors. Semiconductors are used in mp3 players, cell phones and computers, among other things. These devices transmit information. Their creation led to the Information Age.

Carbon has four electrons, like silicon. Both form crystals. The crystal form of carbon is the diamond.

Image: Diode Silicon Lattice: ..

Every silicon atom in a silicon lattice bonds with 4 other silicon atoms. There are no stray electrons that might conduct electricity. Thus the silicon crystal is a very stable form, an insulator.

So here we have, for both the silicon crystal and the carbon-based crystal we call the ‘diamond’, a very stable energetic form. No info in, no info out. Reminds me of the stasis stage after death, described in Arthur E. Powell’s writing. (2)


Phosphorus and arsenic have 5 outer electrons, compared to the 4 in silicon and carbon. When phosphorus or arsenic is introduced into a silicon crystal their 5th (extra) electrons are homeless, roaming around. These free electrons allow weak transmission of electricity through the silicon crystal. The introduction of phosphorus or arsenic is known as N-type doping, because electrons carry a Negative charge. (2)

So hypothetically, a compound such as arsenic (if only it weren’t lethal) might increase electrical conduction in the human body – for example, in the nervous system. Speaking of which, I think I read somewhere that some yogis in India eat tiny amounts of arsenic to gain siddhis (psychic powers). The closest I could come to a reference to this was the notion that very small doses of arsenic enhance the spiritual experience. (3) This source went on to advise that improper use of arsenic can kill a person just like that. As we all know. So please don’t construe this comment as advice that you should take arsenic. The technology for proper use of arsenic – if there is such a thing – just doesn’t exist in the world right now.


Boron and gallium have 3 outer electrons, compared to the 4 in silicon and carbon. When boron or gallium is introduced into a silicon crystal (a process known as P-type doping), their lack of a 4th electron forms ‘holes’ in the silicon crystal lattice. These ‘holes’ result in a positive charge. Like spare electrons, ‘holes’ can conduct electrical current, because the hole latches onto an electron from a neighbor, and this union moves the hole over another space. Introduction of boron or gallium is called P-type doping, because holes carry a Positive charge. (2)

See also, the three paragraphs beginning “N-type and …”

Image: Diagram of a Diode: ..

Because of N- and P-doping, only a tiny amount of energy is needed to get the current moving in a diode.

So basically what we have here is that the diode is a storage unit for electricity. Like the mitochondria in our body cells. There are 1000 to 2000 of these minute ‘batteries’ in each of our body cells.

Image: Closeup of a Mitochondrion: ..


See “How Semiconductors Work: Diodes and Transistors,” … the two paragraphs beginning ““A transistor is created …”

Think of a human being as the center layer of the Earth – Sky sandwich. So what might happen when the human heart provides that spark of love. What might happen to Earth and Sky?

to be continued….

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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