The Agate in the Hubcap . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 9 April 2013

Dear Ones,

My mind has proven extremely troublesome this month. It has been one huge bonfire of fear, anger, and subconscious irritation. I have been at my wits’ end. Literally. Witless. What to do? I have tried this and that, to no avail.

It seems to me the mind is like an agate. At first glance, in its unpolished state, an agate doesn’t look like much …

Image: Fire agate in the rough … ..

But after it is polished it can look pretty awesome …

Image: Polished fire agate … ..

In the old days, people used to polish semiprecious stones by putting them inside their car hubcaps – which at that time were made of metal and not plastic – and then going for a drive. These days the polishing process involves putting the agate in a tumbler, which whirls around, grinding off the sharp edges of the stone. This creates quite a racket. In the same way, when my subconscious mind is clearing, I experience quite a racket, both mentally and emotionally. As the mental clearing process continues, though, just as when the tumbler begins to smooth the rough edges of the agate, the noise in my mind begins to abate.

As an aside, I would like to suggest that it is the rough edges of our unpolished minds – the subconscious jagged surfaces – that jam together with the unpolished surfaces of other peoples’ minds – creating those unfortunate karmic interactions. Or, from a clairaudient standpoint, karma may be heard as an unsettling, seemingly inexorable, subconscious ‘call and response’ between our own subconscious mind and that of the world around us. The driving factors of the limbic mind –- anger, fear, arrogance, greed, sexual attraction, mental attachment -– fuel this conflagration of world emotions. But to get back to the agate …

Over the aeons, through the natural process of weathering, unpolished agate becomes more polished, at which point we can catch a glimpse of what lies beneath. But this natural process of polishing through weathering, like the natural process of clearing karma through countless incarnations of the soul, takes a very long time.

The accelerated process of clearing that we all are going through on New Earth is like putting the unpolished agate of our fiery minds in a hubcap – a noisy process, but a fast one. Those who are clairaudient may experience this as an incredible racket as the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World heats up to the boiling point. At which point this unfortunate concoction begins to evaporate, a process I have heard in my own mind as thoughts literally ‘spinning off’ – to who knows where, never to be heard again. It is this boiling-off process that some have been experiencing as a myriad of unpleasant Ascension Symptoms (see this Category in my blog) as well. While effective, all this can be far from pleasant. Life in the cosmic pressure cooker. Life in the New Earth hubcap. aargh!

After a night of peaceful sleep, I have emerged feeling polished. Although I expect I do not know what ‘truly polished’ is.

Hoping this may be of service to you in your quest for the polished mind,

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Fire Agate Mining Adventure at Deer Creek,” by Jessa Dow, 7 February 2009 … ..


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