Meditations to Connect Our Axiatonal Lines with the Universe . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 30 March 2013

  • Axiatonal Lines of Light
  • The Wookie Meditation to Plump up the Axiatonal Lines of Light
  • Morning Glory Meditation to Activate the Axiatonal Lines of Light

Dear Ones,


The axiatonal lines of light, sometimes called feeder lines of light, are features of our light body. They run from the Galactic Center to our acupuncture points and into the energetic system in our bodies. Till the end of the Great Age of Darkness in December 2012, in most people these lines were dormant, and this dormancy is said to have resulted in brain atrophy, aging, and death.

Now this is surely not an ideal state of being. The very best thing would be to revitalize the brain, live much longer, as in the old days, and avoid the wheel of karma altogether. Right now, I’m working on reactivating my axiatonal lines. I figure it’s a step in the right direction. Here are a couple of meditations to visualize this:


Image: The Wookie, Star Wars Exhibition London, author Leandro Neumann Ciuffo … in Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

Walk outside on a sunny day. Face the sun. You don’t have to look at the sun, though. Just FEEL the sun touching the center of your chest.

Now imagine you’re a wookie. All the hairs on your handsome, furry body are super long. A big wind comes up. Suddenly all the hairs swoop up and touch the sun. You feel an intense, hot, loving energy pouring from the sun, into each fiber of your great long fur. Your fur turns to golden light, and the light pours into your body, filling every muscle, every sinew, every cell of your great body with brilliant golden light.


Image: Morning Glory, by Ipomoea tricolor heike 3, from Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 unported

Imagine you’re a morning glory. Like most plants… and coincidentally, like us humans … morning glories have a quality called heliotropism … they love and will always turn toward the sun. Here, for instance, is a video of a basil plant turning toward the sun:

Video: Heliotropism, ..

Morning glories also have lots of tendrils, and these tendrils have a quality called thigmotropism, that allows them to latch onto and climb around just about anything. Here’s a video:

Video: Morning Glory Tendrils Showing Thigmotropism, ..

So now, image you’re a morning glory plant, with beautiful big blue flowers. Naturally, you’re living outside, and as it happens, in a very propitious location … where there’s plenty of fresh air and plenty of the sunlight that you love. And there you are right now, roots in the ground, head in the sky, heart to the beautiful golden sun. You have hundreds of green tendrils reaching up and out, waving gently in the breeze.

Then you feel it! Each tendril touches a ray of golden sunlight. These rays of sunlight lovingly caress your tendrils. Drawn to this love, your tendrils twine around the golden rays, reaching heavenward.

Now breathe deeply in, and hold your breath in. Fill your vibrant green body with the golden light of the sun’s love! Then, exhale and relax.


So there you have it — my two meditations to revitalize the axiatonal lines. May yours grow plump and strong!

With deepest, kindest regards for all wookies and morning glories in my world,

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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