Something’s Afoot . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 13 March 2013

Image: Petrified Forest and Petrified People (ha!) … ..

Dear Ones,

I’ve heard several folks say something grand is just around the corner, Awakening-wise. I think it was Bill Ballard (1), among others, who recently mentioned March 20th, 2013 – the date of the Spring Equinox — as The Day. Something’s afoot, but what?

Yesterday evening for meditation I used a little, polished piece of petrified rock that I had gotten from the gift store of the Petrified Forest National Park (2) that I visited recently. I figured, it being wood that has turned to rock, it might be grounding.

So while sitting to meditate, first I held it in my left hand for a while. Right away, the left side of my body became very grounded. Then I held it in the other hand for a while – ditto for my right side. Then I put it under my chair, and I could feel the grounding effect directly beneath me. I began silently affirming, “I’m perfect, just the way I am!” And after a while, I felt that column-of-light thing, which is very Soul-satisfying. Very comforting, clear, centered.

After that I thought I would continue with one of Judy Satori’s activations that I’ve been doing for a few days. The activation is on my orange iPod, so I was standing facing the iPod to get the full effect of the sound.

Then I noticed in the iPod screen a reflection of me! In my right hand was a brilliant white light. What was this? As I listened to Judy speaking the language of light, this tiny brilliant light flickered from one of my hands to the other, back and forth. Then for a moment it hovered in my chest. Then the strangest thing, my reflection went away and a solid column of dull colored light took its place on the iPod screen. ‘Sup with this, anyway? Maybe it’s the ETs, just playing and having fun? I had to giggle.

The minute I thought this, I felt a mature, kindly presence standing to my left. Then it felt like someone placed their hand over my right hand. How reassuring!

So, something’s afoot, but help is all around us. And, we’re greater than we think! We truly are beings of light!

Here is what Aisha North of the “Manuscript of Survival” has to say about what’s around the corner …

Link: “Manuscript of Survival” by Aisha North … noted in particular three paragraphs beginning with “For we are all gathered …”. –Alice


You know, the subconscious mind is a big crybaby! It’s so full of trepidation … amazing, really. When I think of the subtlety with which The Shift took place in December 2012 … the Shift that changed up our entire Universe … I get a clearer notion of what’s going on. Hardly anyone on Earth even felt that Shift … that’s how subtle it was.

Such mastery is at work with us! What’s with my little crybaby, anyway? There’s a beautiful white light in my hands and my heart. I’m perfect just the way I am!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: Bill Ballard, “Pearls2U,” ..

(2) Link: Petrified Forest I visited in Arizona: ..


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