2011-06–Hilda Charlton Groups – Gracelight Divine

Caption: Hilda Charlton Group (Gracelight Divine, HQ in Durango, Colorado, Branches in West LA and New York-New Jersey) … DESCRIPTION:. Top row, from left are all Colorado people: Donald Cyrus Lewis (elder care), Craig Holliday (aka perp Jason Curtis Williams), national Hilda Charlton Groups leader David Pomerantz (aka David Aaron Rotman), Veki (Veljko) Ilic. Second row, from left: LA Hilda Charlton group leader Marilyn Zweifach; Caroline Mione of Durango (elder care); unknown woman; Nancy Raffaele then of Durango (Veki Ilic’s wife). Third row, from left: Sharon Ray (perhaps missing since 2014), actress Sarah Syverson of Durango, Chesaray Alfen (who moved from Durango to LA in about 2014), and half of the face of Lori Roberson of Vernon AZ. Cropped photo (top rows), photo taken at a meditation retreat at David Pomerantz’ home, 415 Sunset Lane, Durango, CO 81301 in 2014.